Circuit Installation

Circuit Installation Michigan Indiana Ohio And FloridaA circuit is a path electricity travels through your home or commercial building.

As we use more devices and appliances on a daily basis, the demand for electricity often surpasses what the electrical system is able to support.

If your circuit breaker tripped recently, you’ll need the help of one of our local electricians for installing a new circuit and respective breaker. Continue reading to learn more about our electrical circuit installation services!

Circuit Installation Services

Ready to upgrade your electrical panel? First, we’ll need to make sure you have an empty slot in your electrical panel for a new circuit breaker. Our electrical contractors will need to add at least one new circuit (and circuit breaker) before installing a major appliance. We also recommend adding at least one circuit and circuit breaker if you need to wire to a new room.

You can trust our electrical contractors to always make sure new circuit wiring is safe and code-compliant. The new circuit breaker will need to be able to handle the extra electricity flowing through your building’s system and fit the model of your electrical panel.

Our electrical contractors in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Florida have the necessary training and experience for installing a breaker for a new circuit. To request your quote for installing a new circuit, call Whitney Services at (877) 393-2141.

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