5 Plumbing Tips For New Home Construction

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New Construction Plumbers Michigan Indiana Ohio And FloridaBuilding a new home can be both frustrating and rewarding. You have the opportunity to pick out what materials, heating and cooling systems, and plumbing you want in the new house.

To prevent stressing over the plumbing for the new home, our Michigan, Indiana, Ohio & Florida plumbers offer our five plumbing tips for new home construction. Please contact us today if you have any additional questions or concerns regarding our plumbing services.

Install Water Heater and Furnace in Basement

The most convenient place to install your new water heater and furnace is in the basement. However, if you aren’t planning on having a basement, we recommend installing these two appliances on the main floor of your house. A utility closet can be the perfect place to tuck away the water heater and furnace.

Centralize Plumbing in Basement

It makes it easier for licensed plumbers to resolve an issue when everything is located in the same corner of your basement. When designing and building your new home, we recommend installing the following plumbing appliances near each other:

Make Main Water Shut-Off Valve Accessible

Like the name suggests, the main water shut-off valve is responsible for turning on and off the entire water supply for your home. In the event of a plumbing emergency, you’ll want to be able to access your home’s main water shut-off valve in a hurry. If your home will have a crawlspace, make sure the main valve is located somewhere in your living space. Save yourself the frustration of crawling underneath your house with a flashlight by installing the valve somewhere accessible.

Have Sump Pump Discharge Away from Home

The whole point of a sump pump is to pump water that would have flooded into your basement away from your home. However, when the sump pump discharge line isn’t connected to the storm sewer, this makes keeping your basement dry difficult. To prevent water damage in your newly constructed home, make sure that the sump pump dischargeline is directed to an area where water can safely drain away from your home.

Install Plumbing for Water Softener

Water softeners are perfect for homes where hard water issues are common. However, even if you don’t need a water softener, we still recommend installing the plumbing for one. Installing plumbing for new homes means keeping in mind that your plumbing needs may change 10 years from now. Water softener systems are also attractive to prospective homebuyers if you ever decide to sell your house. Installing a water softener will be much easier if the plumbing is already there.

Our plumbers in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio & Florida work hard to earn your business. Whether you need plumbing for new home construction or our emergency plumbing service, you can trust us for excellent customer service. To request a quote for plumbing repair, call Whitney Services at (877) 393-2141.

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